Improving the Study Rooms in the Cohen Library Third Progress Report – 11/08

We have done quite a lot in the third week. We decide to turn five study rooms into sleeping rooms and remain rest 28 rooms as the studying rooms. Moreover, we decide to buy brand new, softer chairs to replace the current wooden chairs in the study rooms, and make these chairs fixed on the ground. The purpose of fixing the chairs is to prevent students from making study rooms messy. According to the idea of reforming the study rooms, we made a budget report based on what we decide to buy. Our estimated budget is 10561.96 dollars, including 84 chairs, 5 sofas, 336 metal pieces and 27 screw sets. The budget might increase if we found something else necessary for the study rooms.

In the class, our group list some questions that we will ask the library administration next week. Also, we made few poll questions in aim to take others’ opinions towards the study rooms, we definitely will take advantage of the poll’s result as our vital proof to persuade the library administration to reform the studyrooms. we might start to take a survey next week.

Our proposal essay is still in progress, it was quite helpful to feedback from the other groups.

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